Download Find MIDI Chords

Find MIDI Chords is a progam to analyse and display the chords wihin any MIDI file.
It will also read Karaoke (.KAR) files and can display the lyrics
Click here to download a copy (size 2.7 mb)
This will work for 30 days, but after that some functionality will be disabled
The program will then only look at the first 16 bars of the file
Click the paypal icon below to Register. The suggested donation is $25 or 15 Pounds Sterling, but you may pay more or less if you wish.

You need to email the serial number (displayed on startup) to us, and an unlock code will be emailed to you
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Main changes in version 2.0.1:
This is the first shareware release of this commercial program
Updated to 32-bit Windows including long filenames
Displays the lyrics within MIDI and Karaoke files
Various other improvements over version 1
Screen shot
Screen shot
A dot means that no chord was found at this point
A letter in brackets means that just a single note was found here (usually bass)
= (equals) means same as previous chord If lyrics are available in the file, they can be displayed below the chords

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