Trantor Test Suite

    Using Trantor Test Suite to generate Test Data files:


Test Data flat files can be generated, in either pipe-delimited or comma-separated format, which exactly match the text scripts.

The data values for creating the test data are held in the same chart as the scripting commands, ensuring that data and scripts remain aligned when amendments are made. These could also be used to load Database tables.

The Test Suite contains an Evaluation function which allows values to be computed, based on other variables.

It also contains a number of built-in variables such as a sequence counter which can be used to ensure uniqueness of record keys.

To avoid clutter in the diagram, data values can optionally be held externally, in text files or spreadsheets, as can a data dictionary holding default values.

The FOR command can be used to generate several test records with different data values from one script "thread"

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       View Test Data Example

       Test Data File created

Trantor Test was used successfully at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam to generate the complex financial test data files needed in BASEL II Securitization tests, with up to 20 linked data records plus a securitization pool being needed for a single test case.