Trantor Test Suite

    This example shows the evolution of a simple test set for a LOGIN form.


The first Visio diagram in the example below shows just the logic, expressed in a hierarchy.

The second shows the same logic, with some control codes added, to enable manual test scripts to be generated straight from the diagram.

The third shows the same logic, with data values and Winrunner code added, to allow the direct generation of automated test scripts

Note that it works best in Internet Explorer. You may not be able to zoom to see the text in other browsers

         View LOGIN Example Visio diagrams

         Resulting Test Script in spreadsheet format

         Test Script in narrative format

Case history : More than 200% improvement

When Trantor Test was trialled at Companies House on the CHIPS project, the Test Manager stated that the team using it were finding two to three times as many defects (per kilo lines of code) than teams working on other parts of the same system.