We believe that better programs can be written if the programmer's life is made easier.
We are committed to the Data-driven structured methods described by M. Jackson in 'Principles of Program Design' (JSP)

We supply, as Shareware, a number of productivity aids and utilities for the COBOL programmer.


Structured COBOL preprocessor, with MACRO capabilities

Download (180kb)


COBOL record layout analyser - shows data item sizes and positions

Download (39kb)


COBOL program structure and hierarchy analyser

Download (156kb)


COBOL source cross reference program

Download (70kb)


Cross-Platform Testing tools

COBOL tips

A selection of tips and hints for better COBOL

Music software

Our music and MIDI file software

FAQ page

All currently downloadable versions are for IBM PC only
Versions can also be provided for ICL and IBM mainframes

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